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What course options are available?

IELTS Preparation

I teach IELTS Preparation in both the Academic and General Training modules, regardless of what band score you need. For all students, my IELTS Preparation classes cover the four skills – Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking, and also focus on any language skills that may need improving. For students who may not be familiar with the IELTS test, I recommend that your General English level should be pre-intermediate to achieve a minimum IELTS band score of 5.0.  

Occupational English Test Preparation

For all health care professionals wishing to take the OET, I can help you with the language skills you need and, combined with my own, exclusive ETLC techniques, help you feel more confident to sit the test.

How long are the Preparation courses?   

Most IELTS/OET students will have a date by which they want to take their test, so although the minimum class time is 2 hours, many students now choose the 10-hour option, as a 10% discount applies.        


At ETLC, I understand how important it is for you to feel confident when you take your test, so I encourage you to be realistic about your time frame in order to be well-prepared by the time your test date comes around. We can discuss the appropriate course length for your level of study when you take your ETLC Assessment Test.  

What days & times are classes held?  

I usually operate six days per week but please do not leave your study until the last minute as many students book their classes weeks in advance and I may not be able to fit you in on your preferred days/times.   

What materials are used for ETLC classes?                                                                         

Studying English can sometimes be confusing, so my exclusive course content simplifies the process by breaking your studies down into manageable steps. In addition, preparation for exams like IELTS or OET can often be a little overwhelming because of the technical, abstract language used in the many different resources available, so all ETLC materials are designed to break down the process into simple, logical steps so that students can more easily achieve the best results possible. I also make a point of having the most up-to-date practice materials available.                Remember to KEEP IT SIMPLE!

What should I bring to class?                                                                                    

I supply all your course materials along with pencils, pens & notebooks for your convenience – so just bring yourself, a smile and an open mind!!



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