Testimonials 2


“I would like to express my thankfulness to my IELTS teacher, Wendy, who helped me a lot                   in my first few months on the Gold Coast. My schoolmates came from Colombia, India, Brazil,          Iran, Europe… During the class we didn't study only English, we often talked about real life - other      countries' cultures. Wendy is such a wonderful person, she is the best! “

   Tina, Slovenia – now living and working in Sydney, Australia                                                                     


“I attended classes with Wendy twice and I think she is a very professional and helpful teacher.  On my second trip to Australia, the goal was to attend classes only with her.  Her attitude toward students and her job is outstanding! I definitely recommend ETLC.”

     Olga, from Russia, now lives in Sydney and Russia after studying Pharmacy in London. 




 "I would describe Wendy’s teaching as one of the most beneficial teaching experiences of my life    as a student. She is so professional and her classes are oriented towards your educational            needs. In addition, her teaching materials are always up-to-date making the learning process      easier.


   Camilo, a Colombian lawyer and one of the hardest-working students I have had the                   pleasure to teach. Now practising law in the USA.




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